Come Grow with us

We host team from all over the world.

Come grow with us.

We would love to have you come and work with us. Please help us plant the Kingdom of God here in Surigao and learn what the Gospel looks like in a Filipino setting.

Teams that come and work with us will get involved in local church activities.

You will be able to join with our outreach work in our Surigao communities.

We also work in the surrounding Islands, which is where much of the work of YWAM Surigao had its beginning.

There are many ways that you can work with us to help our community without hurting them.

We show love like Jesus did to the Woman at the Well. He accepted her in her current state and loved her in such a pure way that she wanted the Living Water He was offering.

Before the disciples followed Jesus, they were people working in their villages, going about their daily tasks, providing for their families. Jesus broke into their lives with a new way of living. When you come and work with us, you could have experiences like that . Perhaps that person you are buying food for will become a disciple tomorrow or next month or next year.

Paul lived his Gospel in the Marketplace. and when you join us, so will you.